[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lange/Schindler/Gurel/Pries/Pudel Families from Scheple

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 24 05:49:34 PST 2007


Dick has given good info about your surnames.  I will try to help 
with the place names.

I have not been able to find your Schlepe / Schelpel.  However, in 
our database, we have a known German settlement spelled variously as 
Schoepel / Scheppel / Szepel / Szepec and I think that is probably 
the place you are looking for.  It is located about 15 km WNW of Luck 
and would have been in the Rozyszcze parish (about the same distance 
SW of that town).

Ludwischin / Ludwiszyn is located about 2 km due south of Scheppel so 
that seems to settle the fact that both are the correct locations you 
are looking for.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca

At 11:12 AM 23/02/2007, Gary Gomes wrote:

>My family migrated to Russia Poland/Volyhnia to Ebenezer, SK in the 1890's.
>For several years I have been at a dead end, lacking insight into the
>specific location of their emigration.
>I have only recently found and viewed the actual Hamburg ship records for
>some of the family and would appreciate suggestions further research
>One group departed Hamburg October 10, 1890 on the Hansa.  This group that
>was identified as from "SCHLEPE, RUSSLAND" included my Great grandparents
>Christian and Teofila Lange and their eldest children Edmunda and Edmund.
>They were accompanied by Christian's brother-in-law Daniel Schindler and two
>of his children Salame and Benjamin.
>The remaining Schindler family (Julia and daughter Wanda) followed March 9,
>1891 on the Huddersfield.  Their residence, however, was listed as
>"LUDWISCHKIN", Russland.
>The other record I have found was for another Schindler daughter, Christine
>Pudel (widowed) and her son Johnan Pudel who migrated July 6, 1910 on the
>City of Leeds.  Their residence was listed as "LUCKI".
>The Pries' migrated in the 1903 - 1908 timeframe, but I cannot locate
>records.  The Gurel's migrated before 1900.
>I have found reference to a "SCHELPE" indicating it was near "ROZYSZCZE"
>which I find on maps outside the city of LUCK.  I have not yet been able to
>identify "LUDWISCHKIN".
>Help and guidance is greatly appreciated.
>Gary Gomes

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