[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] House numbers

Günther Böhm GHBoehm at ish.de
Mon Jan 29 12:18:31 PST 2007

Gary Warner schrieb:

>So far as I know, none of our records include a house number, and I 
>have never seen a house number in any document other than a census form.
>You also said "My understanding the house number says when the house 
>was built in line. Is this correct?"   I do not understand your question.
>At 11:07 AM 01/29/07, lubnor at comcast.net wrote:
>>Attn: Gary Warner, I have found that having a house number in 
>>searching the church records has helped to speed up the search. Will 
>>you be including house numbers in your Archives?
>>My understanding the house number says when the house was built in 
>>line. Is this correct?

Hello Richard and Gary,
though I didn't read it in Polanish or Russian records, it was common at 
least in Bohemia. Parish register entries contained the house number 
which expressed in turn the sequence in which the houses were built.
As for instance: My RICHTER ancestors lived in Jonsdorf Nr.1, Tetschen 
district, which ment their farm was the oldest house of the village. If 
a sibling married into a higher house number of Jonsdorf (in this case 
not a difficult task) he married 'downward'.


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