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Linda Marks Pauling lmpauling at utech.net
Fri Mar 9 09:49:21 PST 2007

Bianca, I have looked at the index of records from Lipno for 1831-1839 and I 
see many entries for the Ott family and a few for Ryc.

Included are:
1832 births of Adam and Elzbieta Ott

1833 birth of Jan Ott
1833 death of Elzbieta Ott
1833 marriage of Krystya Ott to Maryanna Freyde
1833 marriage of Piotr Ryc to  Katarzyna Brede

1834 births of Ludwig Ferdynand Ott, Piotr Ott, Regina Ott, and Michal Ryc
1834 death of Katarzyna Ott
1834 marriages of Marcin Ott to Maryanna Wolter; Karolina Ott to Bogumil 
Mylka; Ewa Ott to Jerzy Wolter

1835 births of Ewa Ott and Michal Ott
1835 death of Jakob Ryc
1835 marriages of Michal Ott to Maryanna Wolter; Marcin Ott to Anna Wikner

1836 births of Elzbieta Ott and Elzbieta Ryc
1836 deaths of Michal Ott and another Michal Ott
1836 marriages of Henryk Ott to Karolina Werner; Michal Ott to Eufrozyna 

1837 births of Ferdynand Ott, Julianna Karolina Ott, Krystyna Ott, Jakob 
Otte, and Karolina Ryc
1837 death of Ewa Ott

1838 births of Gotfryd Ott, Jan Ott, Michal Ott, and Karolina Ryc
1838 deaths of Jan Ott, Julianna Ott, and Karolina Ryc
1838 marriage of Piotr Ryc to Katarzyna Huzow

1839 births of Michal Ott, Karolina Rytz, Marya Rytz, Ferdinand Rydz?, and 
Andrzej Semrau
1839 marriage of Andrzey Retz to Karolina Brede

Bianca, these are index entries only. You would need to order Film #714855 
from the Family History Library or order copies of the documents from the 
Archives in Poland. I do have the Record #'s for these if any of them are 
interesting to you.

Linda Pauling in California

> I believe that your village is what appears on modern maps as Rumunki
> Jasienskie.  It is located about 17 km southeast of Lipno, right on
> the road between Lipno and Plock.  Coordinates are about 52/45 north,
> 19/22 east.
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
> FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca

> At 02:56 AM 09/03/2007, Bianca Ritz wrote:
>>Hello together,
>>I look for the place with the names for Rumunki Jesionek (Dobriner Land).
>>I cannot find it. Can someone perhaps help me?
>>Bianca Ritz, Germany
>>In this region I look for the names (~1835):
>>RITZ or Ryc, Ott, Steck, Semerau
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