[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Look for MANTEI / MANTEY family member from Volhynia

Gary Warner gary at warnerengineering.com
Wed Mar 28 11:04:10 PDT 2007


I am responding to the list as my answer may be of interest to everyone.

The Master Pedigree database is a collection of about 50% extractions of 
original Polish birth, marriage and death records, and 50% member 
records.   All of the data is in a genealogy program called Legacy, and 
all of the names are linked together as families.   New data is always 
being added, and merged against the data already in the database.   As a 
result of the integration of original and member records, we are finding 
that a lot of our members are cousins.   The file currently contains 
about 365,000 names, and is accessible only by SGGEE members.

Teise is a rare name, but we have 3 Teise records, and 2 Tiese records 
(Tiese is probably a misspelling).  The given names are Eugenia, Peter, 
Ernestine, Anna Susanne, and Olga.


Ivan Teise wrote:
> Hello Gary,
> What is this Master Pedigree database?
> Could you check for the surname Teise?
> Thanks
> Greetings, Ivan Teise
> 2007/3/28, Gary Warner <gary at warnerengineering.com 
> <mailto:gary at warnerengineering.com>>:
>     Ansgar,
>     You might start by looking in the free section of our website at the
>     St.Petersburg birth, marriage and death data files that have data
>     up to
>     and including 1885.   You can find them as the first three
>     databases at
>     http://www.sggee.org/databases
>     Similar data is also available on the Odessa3 site, but we think our
>     method of presentation groups families better.
>     Concerning the other names at the bottom of your email, we have the
>     following number of such names in our Master Pedigree database- a
>     fully
>     integrated file that links records together.   We cannot share
>     that much
>     data with the general public, but it is all available to our
>     members, so
>     you might want to consider joining SGGEE for at least one year.  There
>     are no guarantees that we will be able to add any new data to your
>     family file, but I believe the fact that most of our members renew
>     their
>     membership every year is a good indication that we generally are
>     able to
>     provide significant new data to our members.
>     Occurences of surnames in Master Pedigree database
>     Mantei or Manthei- 1221
>     Sperber- 59
>     Jess- 874
>     Markwart- 494
>     Buss- 1036
>     Henkel- 393
>     Bulmann or Bullmann- 20
>     Schinkel- 297
>     Kwirant- 299
>     Apalkow- 0 [ this is an unusual name, and not found in the German
>     white
>     pages]
>     Gary Warner
>     SGGEE

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