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Fri Nov 9 10:48:36 PST 2007

Afternoon Margaret,
Language was so simple until linguists came along. . .
With Karla I am still not certain if we are discussing Kramp's  
[Crimp's/Cramp's] farm [ert] or Kramp's clan [itz][polish 'wiec]
Er. . . itz confusing at times.
Proto-Germanic: *krimpan- vb., *krampian- vb., *kramp¡, *krimpian-;  
*krumpi¡n; *krumba-
Meaning: press, twist, crooked, uneven
Old Saxon: kramp(o) `Krampe, Krampf'; crumb `krumm'

Is it the name an exonym, a foreign outsiders term for a local place?
Or is it an endonym, a local insiders term for a local place?
Or a Parish minister's spelling. . .
It is too exact to be Ellis Island's offering.

One would find need to see spelling of the name over a few hundred  
Yet there are clues.
The name is "Schwoch"
"Sch" = a German consonant group (Polish is written "Sz")
"ch" = a German gutteral group
"ow" suffix, A polish suffix the same as the German "au"
Schwochow/Schwochau probably refers to a place by a river somewhere.
To the North. . .?

As to where it is, if this is correct, perhaps Guenther with his  
resources can help us out.. .
Schwoch is a toughie..

On Nov 9, 2007, at 9:58 AM, Marlo50 wrote:

> Otto, you helped Karla with her name.  Can you help me with mine?   
> One name we have is Schwochow.  Is that German?  Is it Polish?   
> Does the ending, "ow" give an area it would come from.  I
> appreciate any help you can give us.  Margaret

. . .   Otto

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