[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Polish for Wolter?

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Thanks to all who responded.

I'm looking at German names in records from Umien Catholic church (a few miles north of Dabie), a 1817 birth record shows mother's surname as Dywel(owney), although we know her surname is Wolter/Walter.

Maybe this is the scribe's attempt to 'Polonize' the surname - which may be a garbled variation of 'Wlodek'

You may remember a short time ago that Dick Stein had difficulties with German surname becoming garbled in the Catholic records from area north of Sompolno.  I think a conspiracy was afoot by the Catholic clergy to garble German names, maybe because they were not happy to have Germans move into there turg.  

Otto, where was Rudolf Walter in his adult years?

Rose Ingram
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  Morning Rose,

  Wolter-used as a given and surname.

  Walter is the anglicized form of the German 'Walther/Waldhar/Waldhari'.
  Wolter/Wouter is the Dutch form of Walther/Walter. A good indicator of an earlier migration south from the Danzig coastline.

  A Polish variation of the name may contain the term 'Wlod', (rule) pronounced 'Vwod' (the L has a diacritical mark through it changing the sound to 'W') as in 'Wlodek' > Vwodek'
  Now if someone could flip me information on the birthplace or marriage (Walter/Langas) of my maternal grandfather, Rudolf Walter, (b.1878?) wouldn't that be nice...

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