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Don Puffalt wrote:
> Hello,
> Changing the subject:  I have some dates and facts about various
> Volhynians with the surname GRAMS. I have also gathered some dates
> regarding the MANTEI / MANTEY / MANTAI family. I understand that MANTIK
> is sometimes another variant----is anyone working on the MANTIK or MANTEK
Hello (with an aside to Ansgar)

Yes, although I only recently learned of a Mantei connection to my gr 
granduncle Andreas Lachmann whose wife was Lydia Mantei. I have both 
Andreas and Lydia having been born in Vincentow, Volhynia. My great 
grandfather, Samuel Lachmann was born in Rozhysche, which I believe is a 
bit north of Lutsk (Luck?)

Andreas and his family emigrated and settled in Manitoba around 1907, 
though it appears they attempted to move to Minnesota, USA about ten 
years later but were "DEBARRED". Apparently U.S. immigration policy 
tightened up the northern border as it had become an "end run" in the 
eyes of U.S. Immigration. Apparently it was easier to get into Canada 
back in 1907, and later move to the U.S. rather than gain U.S. 
immigration upon arrival from Poland. In the intervening ten years the 
U.S. policies changed and as far as I know my gr granduncle's family 
never did move to the U.S. I do have a handwritten note that indicates, 
for example, one daughter marrying in Calgary, Alberta in the early forties.

I learned of the Mantei connection at the Volhynia Forum 
<http://forum.wolhynien.net/forum.php>, where I also made email contact 
with Ansgar Mantey. We were able to share information both ways, though 
I had to rely on Google translations to post in German on that site. 
Ansgar is very helpful and you should be able to find some interesting 
links based on the Lutsk connection.

Kenneth Browne researching:

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