[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Neumann Family

Andrzej Nejman anejman at wp.pl
Sun Jan 6 05:01:10 PST 2008


my name is Andrzej Nejman and I am Polish. However, my ancestors were 
German, and the spelling of their surnames was Neumann.

One of my ancestors was Johann Gottfried Neumann, the son of Johann 
Christoph Neumann and Christina Charlotta, born on 20 December 1800 in 
Wieloleka, which belonged to Grodziec (or Grojec) Lutheran Parish. It is 
a place between Konin and Kalisz in central Poland.
Later on he moved towards Babiak or Izbica and married Beata Jesse (or 
Jeszke, or Jeschke), the daughter of Jacob Jesse. After the marriage he 
changed his name to Boguslaw. His sons and grandsons became Catholics.

Has anyone got any copies of Lutheran documents (birth, marriage, death) 
from the parish of Grodziec (Grojec)? Or any microfilms from that 
region? I would be glad for any form of help.

Thank you and best regards

Andrzej Nejman
anejman at wp.pl

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