[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lueck Record, Vol 56, Issue 27

Linda Windmoeller marmel at pctcnet.net
Tue Jan 29 18:58:39 PST 2008

Hi to John Faunt and listmates,

For the past 8 months I've been studying up on old German handwriting, 
deciphering church records from 1700-1800 Germany, and am thinking the 
person who wrote the Volhynia Lutheran Parish register was of German descent 
maybe?  Anyways, I'm no expert, but the first letter of the village appears 
to me to be an "F", as per the example of Florentine on record #181.  Note 
the top flag to the right and the center cross hatch which would indicate an 
"F" (without the cross hatch it would be a "T").
And I do not see an "l" in the village name.  The person's handwriting 
appears very distinct for letter's "l" and "t" being larger than the vowels 
or other consonants.  And I agree the 3rd letter does not look like an "m". 
But the letter "n" sometimes looks like our "u", so I think the fourth 
letter is an "n".  Maybe the 3rd letter is also an "n", or maybe a "u", or 
possibly even an "s" with a tail connected to the "n"?

What do others think?  Best of luck!

in frozen WI
(windchill -50 F tonight!)

>   1. Re: Village Identification Help Request - Heinrich Lueck
>      Death Record 1907 (Paul Rakow)
>  John,
>     That's a very neat Russian handwrighting.
>     The initial letter might be a Russian G - I'm not sure whether
> there are two vertical strokes (P) or one vertical (G) in the shadow-
> maybe you can see better.  So my reading would be
>   P-o-l-sh-e or  G-o-l-sh-e
>    (Though I'm not certain).
>        I looked on the first page - the l looks like the l in Wilhelmine,
> but the next letter looks different from the m in Wilhelmine, so I think
> it might be a sh, but unfortunately I couldn't spot any examples of
> lower-case sh on page 1. The first letter looks a lot like the P at
> the beginning of Preuss, or the G at the begininning of Hirth on page1.
>         Paul Rakow
>         rakow at ifh.de
> "John Faunt" <jfaunt at thefourjays.com> wrote:
>> I have recently received the 1907 death record of my great grandfather,
>> Heinrich Lueck. His death record was in the Vladimir Volynsk,
>> Volhynia Lutheran Parish register. I am able to decipher the whole record
>> except the name of the town of his birth. Can anybody translate and 
>> identify
>> the village?
>> I have a link to a scan of the pages.
>> http://www.thefourjays.com/german/lueck/pages/heinrichlueckpage1.jpg
>> http://www.thefourjays.com/german/lueck/pages/heinrichlueckpage2.jpg
>> http://www.thefourjays.com/german/lueck/pages/heinrichlueckpage3.jpg
>> The first link is to the first page of the record. I am able to decipher
>> this, and have included only for handwriting samples.
>> The second link is to page 2 of the record. I have marked the town name 
>> that
>> I can not identify.
>> The third link is the town name enlarged a little.
>> Thanks for any help,
>> John Faunt
>> Mt Pleasant, SC
>> jfaunt at thefourjays.com

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