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Using ShtetlSeeker at http://www.jewishgen.org/Communities/LocTown.asp,we
get two possible hits:

One is in Greece, but the other looks pretty good.

Ingavangio, Ingovangi, Ingavangis 54°39' 23°46' E M U G Lithuania  61.9
miles W of Vilnius 54°41' 25°19'

Matches your other town being in Lithuania.  Not too far away.  In fact it
is only 17.9 miles NNE of Simno.

Simno, Simnas, Posëlok Simno 54°24' 23°39' E M U G Lithuania  69.6 miles WSW
of Vilnius 54°41' 25°19'  

Good luck on your search.

Joe in Texas

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Has anyone on our list seen a town "Ingowangy"
or anything similar in their research?  I found the name 
Anna Frendzel, age 16, ethnicity: Russia - German who came
to the US on the ship Statendam, from Rotterdam on July 5,
1906.  This is very interesting to me because she is the same age
as my grandmother, Mathilde Frendzel, who came to the US in
September of 1906, with her mother and siblings, from Antwerp, and
her last residence in Europe was Simno/Simnas, now Lithuania and
she was listed as Russia- German, also.  I have tried to figure what the
relationship would be, but I don't know of any close relatives by that
name or age.  These listings were both on the Ellis Island site, and when
I tried to check for more details from the passenger list, a different ship,
on a different line came up so I was unable to get anymore information
as to where she was going in the US, or even to see if any others on the
list were from the same area.  Does anyone have any suggestions or
know of any locations that might be "Ingowangy".  Thanks for any help.

Janice Jansohn

Harry Jansohn
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