[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Germany Preuben, Ostpreuben-Public records.

Frieda fnr at thebluezone.net
Mon Jul 21 18:15:28 PDT 2008

Dear Jerry,

I went to the Mormon Family History library today and found this series of
films for letters of request and certificates of German refugees from East
Prussia, German, now Poland and Russia. 

It is a series of alphabetical listings .

A-D  995766

D-H  995783

I-K   995784

L-P  995765

QU-SCH 995786

SCH-Z  995785

A German lady there told me that she had escaped into Poland and that her
Uncle was able to get their family out through the missing persons of the
Red Cross.  Does anyone know about this?

Hope this can help someone.

Frieda Ross

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