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The "-ke" ending is often a giveaway that a surname is Prussian.  It has a meaning a bit like "son of," sort of like "-sen" in Norway, although in Prussia it was often attached to a place or occupation, rather than a given name.  Sometimes the Prussian "-ke" ending is confused with the Polish "-ski" ending, but I think you're on safe ground with a working hypothesis that your Teschkes were ethnically German.

Regarding "Milling," you may want to keep in mind that in this area of Poland surnames ending in "-ing" were sometimes "Prussianized" by dropping the "-ing" and adding "-ke."  This happens in my family with the name "Flemming," which frequently appears in Polish records as "Flemke."  You may find your "Millings" listed as "Milkes."  Milke/Mielke is a very common name in Lutheran records from Central Poland.

Regarding the Family History Library microfilm, I was unable to find the reference to Belchanow you mentioned, but the list of places sounds like villages encompassed within the parish.  For example, microfilm of the Plock Evangelical parish includes entries for the villages of Bialkowo, Wykowo, Rydzyno, Liszyno and several others, in addition to Plock itself.

Good luck with your research,

Worth S. Anderson

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> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Surname Teschke
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> Date: Thursday, June 12, 2008, 4:15 PM
> I have just received a copy of my grandfather's death
> certificate from the Register Office in Bottrop,
> Westphalia, where he died, I believe, of pneumosilicosis.
> His name was Edmund Milling, and he was born in Kolonie
> Zabloty, Kreis Lask. His birth was registered at the
> Register Office in Zdunska-Wola.
> I have written to the State Archives in Lodz to see if I
> can buy a copy of his birth certificate, but I haven't
> heard anything back from them yet.
> I was surprised to see that his parents are shown on his
> death certificate. The certificate itself is typed in
> modern German, so I've been able to sort-of translate
> it into English.
> His father's name was August Milling. I've been
> told that Milling is a German name.
> His mother's name was  Wally Milling, nee Teschke. Both
> his parents ( so his death certificate says) died in Kolonie
> Zabloty.
> Now, is his mother's maiden name Polish or German? I
> thought it sounded Polish, but a friend thought it sounded
> German. Has anyone come across it, to put it into context
> for me?
> I will start looking for them when I have some idea of
> their dates of birth ( I'm hoping they will be on his
> birth certificate).
> I don't want to start looking for them without more
> information, as I don't know how common the names are,
> and I have no idea at what stage in their marriage grandpa
> was born. The way couples had babies in those days, he
> could have been born anywhere within a twenty-five year
> span!
> Going back to my grandpa Milling, I understand that the LDS
> have filmed some of the church records for the area around
> Lodz.
> I think Zabloty was in the Parish of Belchanow, and when I
> looked at the LDS site, there were certainly films
> mentioned for Belchanow.
> On the film detail record, there was the word Belchanow,
> and then in brackets, an alphabetical list of what appeared
> to be other places - I don't know if they are towns or
> churches. Is anyone able to tell me what these are? I speak
> no Polish at all.
> I thought it might be quicker to look at the film - if I
> knew
> a) which one to order
> b) If the LDS have filmed that district/church/
> town/village at all!
> Regards from the UK
> Anne
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