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>Hello Sally,
>other known names of Mariendorf are Puchawa and Puchowo.
>On my webside www.ahnenforschung-grohn.de I have a map of this colonie.
>Maybe somebody has more information about Mariendorf to complete the map.
>You will find the map here "Orte / Städte in Wolhynien" => "Puchawa /
>Puchowo / Mariendorf". If you click on the thumbnail you can see a larger
>In Mariendorf I am searching about this surenames: Krause, Hackbart, Rode,
>Arnhold. Has anybody information about?
>Best regards from Germany
>Michael Grohn
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>Betreff: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Mariendorf, Volhynia, Russia
>I am trying to find out if Maiendorf, Volhynia, Russia  at anytime was or is
>called Russell, Poland.
>In my Grandfather's obituary it states he was born in Russell, Poland.
>In The St Petersburg Extractions, I found him  listed as born in Maiendorf,
>Volhynia, Russia to Ludwig Liedke & Eva Rosalie Tohm
>Liedke, Ludwig                 26 Nov 1875           Mariendorf
>Ludwig              Tohm, Eva Rosalie            1884069/2 611  240
>After Immigration to the United States his name was changed to Louis Litke
>spelling. Thank you
>Sally Gillespie

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