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Sun Apr 5 19:02:34 PDT 2009

Hello again Ansgar:
    I have spent a pleasant few hours visiting my Mantei friend and this what I learned with some info I obtained from other sources.
    Heinrich Mantei died at Lemberg, Saskatchewan in 1959 and is buried there.  His wife Lydia Mantei died in 1966 and is also buried there.  This I confirmed from Saskatchewan cemetery records.
    Heinrich and Lydia had 6 children, Ida, Agnes, Natalie, Laura, Arthur and Edmund.  There was no son Heinrich.  I spoke with one of Heinrich and Lydia's granddaughters who gave her consent to send you her Canadian telephone number if you wish to obtain further information.  This I will do by private email.
    I was only able to find the death year and place for  Kristine Zieg.  She was buried in 1922 at Aberdeen Saskatchewan.  I found nothing on her husband Michael.
    The Mantei name is plentiful here in Saskatchewan.  There were/are literally dozens of Mantei people living in and around the town of Estevan Saskatchewan, for example.  However, none of the Mantei descendants I am acquainted with knew of a relationship with the Manteis around Estevan.  Perhaps there is a very distant connection.

I hope this is of help to you.

John Marsch


  Hello Ansgar:
      Some relatives of Heinrich/Lydia Mantei live here in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.  One in particular is a longtime friend of mine.  Although he is not in the best of health, I have arranged to visit him Sunday afternoon.  Whatever information he can provide, I will pass on to you after that.

  Best regards,
  John Marsch

    Hello to all

    I ve found a new relation to my family and I try to find further information to this part.....

    Heinrich MANTEI * 1884 in Wola Poland oo in 1908 Lydia MANTEI * 1889 in Russia
    I think the get married in Steinbach, Manitoba
    Heinrich / Henry + in 1938 in Regina, Lemberg, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Lydia + 1966 in Lemberg, Saskatchewan
    So far as I know they had 2 kids: Heinrich and Laura

    Parents of Heinrich *1884 are Michael MANTEI and Kristine ZIEG

    I would like to now more about this family
    Who is able to help ???
    Lydia is a member of my family clan and I ve further information to that family

    Thks for your help


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