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Judy H jhfamtree at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 11 18:01:56 PDT 2009

 My aunt was just asking me to see if I could track down a recipe for this dish, and I've been through multiple Polish cookbooks without any success.

I'd also appreciate hearing how this dish is made.

Thanks for triggering this memory, Rose-Marie!
Judy Herling
Researching Family History for:
Germany / Poland

Now, on an entirely different line - I have another question. There is a
dish my grandmother made in the times when the depression was severe, and it
was hard to feed a hungry family even here in Canada on the prairies. It was
called "fooshia" - and I don't know how to spell it. The
"oo" is pronounced as in "foot". It was potatoes mashed with flour, and cooked somehow
so the flour was no longer raw. Bacon was cubed and fried, and the bacon bits
fat were both put into cream. (Are we gagging yet?) The potato mixture was
served with the cream sauce. She continued to make it occasionally, even
when times were much better. I had it as a child; but the last time I ate
it, it sat in my stomach for several days, I swear! Not that I will ever
make this dish, but is anyone familiar with it (it seems to be a dish
brought from the Old Country), and can tell me/us just how it was made? I am
actually wanting to make a cookbooklet of recipes that my grandmother was
noted for, and certainly this one qualifies. None of my kin seem to know
just how it was made.

Thank-you in advance!



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