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Dear Joyce, 

I just transcribed (from old script) and translated a birth entry for my great-grandfather in Polish with the help of friends and a dictionary. If you want to send me yours, I'll look at it and try to translate it for you.  Once you know the name of the village, you can probably find it on google map. 
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I have a copy of a Polish death record for my ancestor Karoline Komers. 
I need help in trying to decipher her birth village and then locate it. 
I also need help in deciphering her father's name and the witness. 

Her husband was born in Kobylke, Wagrowiec, Posen.  Their first 
child was born in Bobrowniki, Lipno, Bydgoszcy. 

I can send a copy of the death record.  Thank you 

Joyce E. 

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