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 Eduardo, to answer your questions...
1. Yes, I have these polish records noted but do not have copies.  This is
not your family though but they may be relatives, or not.
2. I do not see any connection to Volhynia in my research.  From your
description of your family's movements, I am thinking that they moved from
Volhynia about 1880 not to Germany but to Poland and maybe to the Lipno area
since there is a Greben there.  Maybe this is where they originally came
from and it was "home" to them.  While there, your ggrandfather was born in
1886 and you'll have to have someone check those records for you.  We've
checked the confirmation records to 1906 and your family does not appear in
those records.  Would they not have had someone of confirmation age between
1880 and 1897 when they left for Brazil?  If so, perhaps they moved on
before anyone was confirmed, perhaps to Germany as you suggested.
3. Both Archives are easy to deal with although they can be expensive.  I
can send more details off-line.


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Fantastic, Earl!

In fact, there are many Kommers in US. But I have never found any with
volhynian origin. This name is very commun in Holland also.

Some questions:

1. For this polish records relating to the Komm(ers), do you have it noted?

2. With  "The family comes from Lipno, Poland", do you mean that the family
probably moved from Volhynia to Poland before coming to Americas?
(if yes, I can tell you it makes a lot of sense, considering my August
Kommers (born in 1886 and came with 11 years old to Brazil) used to speak

3. Do you already asked for records in Wloclawek or Berlin Ev. Archives? How
does it work?

Thank you very much!

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> Eduardo,
> I was first attracted to your name, Kommers, which I have seen in US and
> Polish records around a family I have done some work on.  The name is
> usually Komm but sometimes appears as Kommers.  The family comes from 
> Lipno,
> Poland.  I did some checking and there is a Greben (German) near Lipno, 
> now
> called Grabiny in Polish.  There are only a few Komm families in that 
> area.
> Lipno Evangelical records are both in the Wloclawek, Poland Archives and 
> the
> Berlin Ev. Archives and you would have to search there for a record from
> 1886.
> Good luck.
> Earl
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> Dear Friends!
> I'm looking for records relating to a place called Grieben. I found 
> already
> 5 places with this name but, as a first step, I'm specially interested on
> those located in Germany:
> 1.Grieben (town), Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany.
> 2.Grieben (town), Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.
> I'm looking for my grand-grandfather August Kommers birth place (b. 1886),
> and there are chances to be in one of these Grieben. The family left
> Volhynia in the late 1870's, early 1880's. From this period to 1897 (year 
> of
> the arrival certificate in Brazil) there are no references for the family.
> They disappeared for 15-20 years and my guess is that they tried to live 
> in
> Germany again, before coming to Brazil. Additionally, the origin place of
> the family is "Griebenhof", but I'm looking only for Grieben, because
> Griebenhof was already thoroughly searched, without any success.
> The problem is that in last 2 or 3 years I sent tens of e-mails to 
> churches
> and archives in Germany but it is very difficult to get something back...
> maybe, for language reasons... I just know a few words in german.
> If you have a clue where I can have information, please, let me know.
> Thanks,
> Eduardo
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