[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Polish map server

Klaus-Guenter Leiss LeissKG at web.de
Tue Mar 3 08:33:58 PST 2009

Am 2 Mar 2009 um 11:10 hat Jerry Frank geschrieben:
> Hi Guenther,
> I believe that your list of maps are the same as those available at
> http://www.mapywig.org/news.php and this link is on our maps page.

ftp://mapy.ziomal.org has a lot of other maps, but i think many are 
our area of interest and if you dont speak polish you are sort of lost.

> The problem with your list is that you need to know specifically which map
> you want in order to select the one of interest to you.  The link above
> includes, in the left column, a map index which shows the coverage of the
> individual maps overlaid on a map of Poland (including western Volhynia). 
> If you know the general area of your village, you can easily refer to that
> to determine which map to download.
> The other advantage of the above link is that most maps are available in
> either 300 or 600 dpi whereas yours link only provides 600 dpi.  The 300
> dpi scans make for a much faster download.  
> And finally, the above site also carries a variety of other maps in
> different scales.
> I believe that the Mapywig site grew out of the one you referenced.

I don't think so, but they are partners. Under Co-operation on the left 
side is a link to "FTP Superstefana z PS" which is ftp://mapy.ziomal

Klaus Leiss

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