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Lieskow and Domkow are the genitive forms of Lieske and Domke.  One can think of this as being like saying "of the Lieske family" or "of the Domke family."  In records written in Polish, one often sees the genitive used in records to give a woman's maiden name.  For example, "Maryanna z Lieskow Domke" would mean Maryanna's maiden name is Lieske, and she is married to a man named Domke.

In older Polish (and some Latin) records, one also sees surnames with -owa or -owna added (i.e., Lieskowa or Lieskowna).  The -owa ending indicates a married woman.  The -owna ending indicates an unmarried woman.

While -owa and -owna seem to have been the most common endings signalling these meanings, they weren't the only ones.  There is a good chart of these on page 150 of Malgorzata Nowaczyk, "Poszukiwanie Przodkow: Genealogia Dla Kazdego," (Warsaw: Panstwowy Instystut Wydaniczy, 2005) ISBN 83-06-02950-X.

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> I was just reading through Lubian
> Catholic records and even though , the pages are very
> water-stained ( Is it near a river ?) and there are gaps , I
> think saw that name LIESKE . In Polish / Latin writing in
> 1790's , would LIESKE be written as LIESKOW ?? Also saw
> DOMKOW ( would that be DOMKE ?) and other possible German
> Lutheran names  . It clearly stated who the Lutherans were
> in these records .
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