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Thank you , Jan . I wish I had asked earlier , like years ago (-:   I have been staring at this particular record for years trying to decipher this village ( island ? town ? ) . It is Kepa Dobrzynska exactly in this 1843 marriage record between Florentina Dorata Ziemer , born in Kepa Dobrzynska ,   marriage to Jan Steck , born in Hollendry Czerno  , a farmer in Piotrkowek . They were married in Plock Evangelical Church . I do have another question about another location , same time period  in this surrounding area ,  plus also in Plock district , the preist wrote the residential village for the bride as LESIN , LECIN , LECIME, LECIWE ??

So I am curious . Is the island Kepa Dobrzynska submerged under water or has a new name ??

What could they farmed on these islands or did they do fish agriculture ?

Thanks for all your help everyone . Rose too ! Danke , Magda 

There was a Kepa Dobrzynska, situated between Kepa Bachorzewska and Kepa Glowinska, as shown on this section of a map from 1839:

have not been able to find these islets on a contemporary map, although
they still seemed to exist in the late 1930's, as shown here:

Hope this helps,
Jan Textor

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Was there a Kepa Dobrzyn in the 1840's  that's just not on the map
anymore . I assume this was one of those islands near Dobryzyn on the
river .


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