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Does anyone know a good way to research Lodz area Lutheran records? 

It appears that the Latter Day Saints Family History Center has quite a few
records in their Library for Lodz.

Use the pull-down list on Library and click on Library Catalog.

On the next screen, click On Place Search.

On the next screen, input Lodz in Place block, and do a Search.

Click on the first highlighted topic.

You should get the list for church records.

Click on that, and you will get two listings for different time frames.

Click on one of them, and on the next screen, click on View Film Notes at
the top of the page.

On the next screen, you will get a list of the films you need to order at
the FHC.

Go to your nearest FHC and place an order.

The ones I picked were Catholic records, but there are Lutheran records as
well.  Just have to find the right ones to click on on the first screen.

Check this site also.


Good luck.

Joe in Texas


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