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Your English is good.  Could this be your Krueger?

First Name: August 
Last Name: Kruger 
Ethnicity: German 
Last Place of Residence: Bialistok, Russia 
Date of Arrival: Mar 04, 1914 
Age at Arrival:  42y    Gender:  M    Marital Status:  M   
Ship of Travel: Kaiser Wilhelm II 
Port of Departure: Bremen 
Manifest Line Number: 0006 

The manifest shows that his wife's name is Pauline, but she was not with

Good luck on your search.

Joe in Texas, USA

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Mejer and Sokolowski in Marianowo in the Pultusk area near river Narew

Dear members,

please excuse my poor English!

My ancestors were German farmers in Poland near the river Narew and the  
Russian border - 65 kilometres NNE from Warsaw. They lived there in  
Marianowo and some other small german settlements(all founded around  
1840)in the area of Pultusk and had their own evang.-augsburg. confession,  
school and church. Many years ago the came from - may be - Mecklenburg or  
Holstein - to have a better easier life in Poland. When - I don`t know.  
Where can I get informations from where my family comes from? The births  
registration in the evang.-luth. church of Pultusk starts at 1843. Where  
can I find older informations?

I`m looking for two family members:
1.August Krüger, the father of my grandfather, born in 1870 in Marianowo,  
Poland, immigrated to USA between 1904 and 1914 via ship. He was married  
in Poland and had two little children. We don`t know anything about his  
trip(ship name, harbour...). He died in the USA before 1945.

2.An aunt maiden name was Balkau, also born in Poland. She immigrated to  
Northern America too but later I think (before 1944). She was searched in  
the USA unsuccesfully. Now I think, that she could also had lived in  

Thank you so much!
Regards. Birgit

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