[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] DAI, was EWZ (Dave Obee)

M Gauer morbeus at uniserve.com
Sat Nov 14 13:08:41 PST 2009

Hello Hannes;

Are you aware of GRHS (http://www.grhs.org/) and their Bessarabian 
Records?  The BESS RIG (Bessarabian Regional Interest Group) 
(http://www.grhs.org/rig/bess/) have a number of EWZ records listed at 
http://www.grhs.org/rig/bess/research_resettlement.htm plus a wealth of 
other Bessarabian information (including 31 Koblenz film indexes) on 
their research pages (http://www.grhs.org/rig/bess/research.htm).

Sorry if this is off topic folks as this information on the Russian 
Regards, Murray Gauer
        GRHS Web Committee member
         GRHS Computer Committee member
         GRHS Village Coordinator for Nesselrode & Rosenfeld
         GRHS Ort Coordinator for Birkenfeld
         GRHS AC Coordinator for Winnipeg, Canada
         GRHS HOP RIG Webmaster

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