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Well, duh!  I guess I should have started there.



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Baranowo is shown on Jerry Frank's map just a few km to the northwest of Sompolno, very near Wilcza Kloda. 
Dick Stein 
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>I have a town Baranowo occuring in Sompolno parish records in the birth 
> records that I cannot identify  Sompolno is one of the Westernmost 
> parishes of Russian Poland, it is adjacent to the border with Prussia 
> in the 19th century, about 12 miles or so SE of Kruschwitz (Kruszwica) 
> and Strelno (Strzelno), if that helps fix its location. 
> Shtetlseeker shows nothing close (it needs to be perhaps under ten miles > away) 
> and neither does the online Słownik geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego 
> i innych krajów słowiańskich 
> Any help pinpointing Baranowo is appreciated. 
> al 
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