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Who are you writing to at Ellis Island?   To have errors  corrected?
I've used the ID on their web page (_historycenter at ellisisland.org_ 
(mailto:historycenter at ellisisland.org) )
a few times in the past and have never gotten a response.    
I wrote some days ago how several of the records I went to are 
pointing to the wrong ship manifests, and again - no reply.
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FoxeGenie at aol.com writes:

First,  thank you all for trying to locate this village and the name 
There  are many Passenger records that are hard to read. I am using Ellis  
Island  site and working alone trying to make out letters and names  and 
not easy  sometimes, but I am getting the experience.  I  spent a few hours 
today  going over some information I had for the  Spitz family that were 
from  “
Pechratka” Russia. Here is an example  of trying to find an Immigration 
record  for a Leopold Spitz. On a  census, it told me that he immigrated in 
but he  actually  immigrated on Dec. 22, 1903 and his name was entered as “
Sjitz”, so  it  took me awhile to find him. Just to let everybody know it 
possible to have  records reviewed and changed from a mistaken  
as I have done with  my G-Grandfather Alexander  Strandt’s record thru 
Island. There is a place  to email them  and in doing so, told them who I 
gave them the right spelling   and they sent me a quick response telling me 
they would review the  record.  Another quick email after review and they 
changed the  “Stranot” to “Strandt”. I  don’t know if its that easy with 
changes but if one knows the correct  information, then changes can  make 
world of difference. In this particular  record for Eduard Spitz  from 
Pinelwatki, I am stumped on the location but would  not be  surprised if “
was really “Pechratka”. On another  brother’s  Immigration record for 
Christian Spitz, the record says  Pingrsdka but his  military clarifies he 
immigrated from Pechratka  and he also listed his brother  Leopold Spitz, 
who lived 
within a  couple of blocks from each other in New  Jersey. Another  
transcription with the spelling of “Paul ratka” for the  village of  
Pechratka. I 
also came across another record for a probable sister   but there are a 
of names I can not make out. Are there any   volunteers in the SGGEE 
(of which I am a member) who might help me  with  trying to figure out a 
couple of  words? The girl’s name  is Allertina Spitz  (could be Albertina) 
she immigrated on Dec.  26, 1900 with her Aunt Maryann  Tisch? The 
record says  “Penkrvdko” but I think it must be  “Pechratka”. Maryann’s 
brother L.  Kremring? is waiting. Three lines down another  relative Karl  
Kremring is with them. For Emilia, I can not make out if it says   “kin”? 

Geneen  Giberson

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