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Sun Oct 4 22:57:55 PDT 2009


	hi, Rose 

	I do not know Charles' faith, but he married a Presbytarian Scots in
a church called the Spring Street Presbytarian church (Boston,
Massachusetts, U.S.A.), long gone, now. Catholic records can be
exceptional, it would be wonderful to find they were Catholic, simply
because they kept the records so well. 

	I never found the family in England, it's part of the family story,
but I have found no records in the bmd's for his parents, nor any
census for them, either. I do suspect they came out of the Black
Forest area, as there's a mention of the town/city of Engen. I
haven't checked those records because the mention is so vague and
uncertain that I can't be sure of it at all. it is entirely possible
that he changed his name. 


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