[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Polish parishes and Polish place names

Dave Proper dproper at charter.net
Fri Oct 9 22:44:03 PDT 2009

I had never worked with Polish place names until recently when Rose Ingram
sent me a treasure trove of information about my Plotzke relations. I am
entering the data into TMG and was struck by the variety of Polish place
names and the seemingly various ways of recording them. I looked into the
modern Polish place name conventions - gimas, powiat, voivdeship and
country. Armed with that, I have a place named "Dabie, Kolo, Poznan,
Poland". That seems to make sense, like municipality, county, province,
county. But then I find place names recorded in family group sheets such as
"Gorki, (Dabie Parish), Kolo, Poznan, Poland". I understand that Gorki is
obviously in the Dabie Parish and provides another level of information.
Which do people prefer and why? 

Another question: are there maps that delineate what the parish boundaries
might have been during various time frames? For example, the birth place of
Friedrich Wilhelm Plotzke on 25 Apr 1849 was Chwalborczyce Holendry. The
record was in the Dabie Parish books but when I found the village
(Chwalborczyce) using ShtelSeeker it was about 5 km southeast of the town of
Dabie and just across the provincial border in Lodz. So now would this be
"Chwalborczyce, (Dabie Parish), ?county-unknown?, Lodz, Poland"?  Which
leads to a further question is there a definitive way to determine which
powiat would be the correct name to use here? The convention seems to be
that they are named after the largest city in the region but that is not
easy to ascertain.

OK, last question, where is the village of Gorki mentioned above - "Gorki,
(Dabie Parish), Kolo, Poznan, Poland"? Enter that in ShtelSeeker and you get
93 potential places in Poland! Is there way to focus ShtelSeeker to a
smaller region than just Poland as a whole?

Thanks for your assistance and patience!
Dave Proper
dproper at charter.net

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