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There are many Google-maps hits.. from Italy to Germany, but mostly  France.
They may have come from Russia proper,  but keep in mind that most  German
Lutherans from Poland came when Poland was considered Russian.  My own 
ancestors used either Russia or Russian-Poland on their Ellis Island  
as they left the Dobrin-land of Poland (Rypin-Lipno area)
Bob K.
Searching for Krampitz from Lipno, Poland area
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Seeking  the location of a village in Volhynia, Russia (1880"s) that looks 
like  "Emilien" on the ship manifest from the SS Koln which landed in 
Baltimore in  Feb. 1910.  Family named Hartwig, nine children; parents were 
Gottlieb  Hartwig and Julianne or Julia Mueller or Muller.  The family were  

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