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Subject: RE: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Pursuing information on two names	from Konigberg circa 1865
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Hello All
Gunther thank you for your input.  I am glad to hear that the name might have changed.  I think my great grandmother might help here.
Julianna Zywiecka or Zywetzkie or Jewietzkie.   I have seen her name written as Zywiecka, Drzewecka and Jewietzkie.  I know in the data base there are Zywiecka and Drzewecka's.
And recently I found her brothers decendants, or they found me, and here in North America they go by Zywetzky which is very simular to Cicewski.
Actually Julianna married an Oldach and lived near Konigsberg, East Prussia.  I saw on the previous post someone was researching Oldach near Konigsberg.  My relatives immigrated (returned to Germany) from Chelm, Lublin, Poland to Konigsburg, East Prussia.  They may have gone back to be with other relatives.  Anyhow I would like to explore this more with your Cicewski's.
Julianna had a brother or brother in law that immigrated to New York.   It is said that he owned or worked at a 'Tuch Fabric' or Textil Mill in New York.  Julianna's son Julius near Konigsburg was a violin maker who sent at least one violin to New York to this uncle of his that I have been unable to locate.
Does any of this sound familular?
Susie Tonn

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> Subject: Re: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Pursuing information on two names	from Konigberg circa 1865
> Ursula schrieb:
> > I am looking for a connection in the US for a man who immigrated there
> > from Altbraa/Rummelsburg area by the name of Cicewski. He was my father's
> > uncle. He left Germany I believe after the first WW, the family received a
> > card from New York and then nothing.....
> Hello Ursula,
> looking for this spelling in the IGI database, you find just individuals 
> in the US which means it is not the original one. There is no single 
> CICEWSKI in Poland nor in Germany. Did you try the the Ellisisland or 
> Castlegarden databases? Maybe they suggest the original German or Polish 
> spelling.
> In www.herby.com.pl :
> Günther
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