[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Ancestors in Congresspolen (Russian - Poland)

Ursula Barsch Ursula.Barsch at web.de
Thu Sep 17 05:05:28 PDT 2009

Hello all.

Unfortunately, my English is not so good; I learned it 40 years before. But I hope you can understand me.

I am looking for about 3 years ago my ancestors in Congress Poland (Russian - Poland). Here are the data known to me:

Grandfather: Karl Neumann * 21.11.1874, † 19.01.1929 in Platkownica Gem Sadowne Krs Wegrow;
Grandmother: Johanna Neumann nee Hintz, * 07.05.1886 in Laczka Krs Wegrow, † 13.04.1932 in Platkownica Gem Sadowne Krs Wegrow

1. Ludwig Neumann * 20.11.1846 in Platkownica Gem Sadowne Krs Wegrow, † unknown
2. Eufrosine Neumann nee Matt * 13.09.1843 in Platkownica Gem Sadoles Krs Wegrow, † unknown

3. Christian Hintz * 02.03.1850 in Platkownica Gem Sadowne Krs Wegrow, † unknown
4. Eufrosine Hintz nee Spitzmacher, * 02.11.1851 in Platkownica Gem Sadoles Krs Wegrow, † before 1890, probably in Łączka Krs Wegrow

1. Peter Neumann * 09.04.1806 in Blonie Krs Sochaczew † unknown, Platkownica Gem Sadowne Krs Wegrow
2. Eufrosine Neumann nee Hammermeister  * 21.03.1809 in Babskie Budy Gem Wiskitki Krs Sochaczew,  † unknown, Platkownica Gem Sadowne Krs Wegrow
Married  14.03.1825 in Wiskitki Krs. Sochaczew

Father from Peter:
Johann Neumann * circa 1752 Dobrzyn District, † 13.01.1814 in Budy Babskie Gem Wiskitki Krs Sochaczew

Parents from Eufrosine Neumann nee Matt:
Ludwig Matt * ca. 1814 in unknown, † unknown
Elisabeth Matt nee Kopp * circa 1818 in unknown, † unknown

The microfilms by the Mormon from the church books of Sadowne (Catholic) and Sadoles (Protestant) I have read and analyzed. The Archives in Siedlce continued absence of documents. The pastor in Wegrow (ev.-augsb.) can not help me and the priest in Sadowne (röm. - kath.) will not help. From the State Archives in Warsaw, I have received the marriage certificate 1825, the birth certificate 1809 and the death certificate 1814. The church records of Ilow, including the confirmation of the Odessa database, revealed no direct links.

I wonder: where my ancestors come from, where they were born and where they died.

Can someone help me? I am thankful for every tip.

Ursula Barsch

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