[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Surname Lekowska

Günther Böhm GHBoehm at ish.de
Wed Aug 18 01:05:36 PDT 2010

karlann at juno.com schrieb:
> I recently learned the maiden name of an Hirsch ancestor who was born in the Belchatow parish of Poland is Lekowska. Is there a German form of this name? 
> Karla Walters

Hello Karla,
I don't think so.
lek = cure, drug, medicin,
but the -owski suffix is typical for farm names or rural surnames in 
general. So a combination of lek and -owski doesn't make sense.
The LEKOWSKI surname has 141 events in present Poland.
More likely the name derives from LECHOWSKI = descendants of Lech's 
tribe. Lech, the legendary founder of Poland, is a very common Polish 
given name. Derivates are Leszek, Lestko, Leszko, Lestek, and Lechosław. 
The LECHOWSKI surname has 1010 events in present Poland.


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