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> Hello:
> I know we have had lots of discussions about this subject. However,  
> I have
> not saved any of it.
> Can I get some direction, I assume with German Ancestors.
> Nelson

One must question the depth of a test, how comprehensive it is.
(use Wikipedia for researching words or numbers in [brackets])

Some companies test for STR's [short tandem repeat] basically used in  
(example-Yep, you really are my uncle, Uncle)

Other companies test for SNP's [single nuclear polymorphism] used to  
achieve depth of the past.
(example-You are a descendant of the Doggerlanders of 10,000 years  
ago) [Doggerland]

All I can recommend is the SNP test which I, after counseling,  
submitted to for a fee.
I did the complete version of the test.

The company:  https://www.23andme.com/
The test: A little spit in a test tube.
The Results: Approximately 565,000 SNP's from 22 chromosomes, the Y  
chromosome, the X chromosome and MT (mitochondrial DNA)
(your raw DNA data is downloadable so you can archive it or run it  
through 3rd party algorithms)

The 565,000 SNP's comprise about 1% of your total genome but are a  
meaningful 1%.
To date, their algorithm, Relative Finder, has presented me with 94  

Some are closer than that. For instance, my son is identified as my  
son, my known first cousin as my first cousin.
The remainder of the 94 cousins range from 4th cousin to 7th cousin.
Russian Poland produced three 4th. cousins. (Radke)
I now have cousins, to date only, (unknown by me) in England, Norway,  
Sweden, Poland and Russia. Many are in the States.
(some of these reach into the distant past)

For those interested, my [DNA haplogroup] is:
Paternal [R1b1b2a1a1*]
Maternal: H1 [Haplogroup H (mtDNA)]

Genetic testing points. . but then, does a paper trail do as much?
DNA pointed me beyond 500 years. . . paternal Y-DNA  R1b1b2a1a1*   
[Frisians] and research became much easier.
Maternal mtDNA H1 The concentration is in Norway and wherever a boat  
could sail.

-Only persons participating in deep DNA SNP testing can be compared.
-Persuading persons to be tested.
-Persuading 'found' cousins to compare SNP's.

Final words to sum up: Some persons are NOT interested in genealogy.

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