[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Searching for Bettich, Bettig, Wacker, Schubert, Lask near Lodz and Lubomirka, Solomka and Berestowice near Kostopol

Marina und Henning Bettich henning.bettich at osnanet.de
Sun Nov 7 00:16:10 PDT 2010

Hi everybody,

I'm searching for the names Bettich, cause my great-great-grandfather was
Valentin Bettich and he was born in Solomka, he married Christine Wacker and
died in Solomka. Valentzins father was also named Valentin and he married
Therese Schubert, my grandfather told me that they went from germany to
Volhynia over Lask near Lodz in Poland.


Valentins children also was named Bettich but some of the had the name
Bettig cause they couldn't write and read and so the volhynian church wrote
the names like they sound.

So my grandfather is Heinrich Bettich and my grandmother is Elfriede Bettig


It would be great to hear something about it. And I hope I could close the
great hole in the family tree before Valentin Bettich. Cause we didn't know
really where to search for Valentin, was Lask near Lodz really the right
town they went through and live some years, where from germany they came
nobody of our family really knows, my grandfather says that his grandparents
speak swabian dialect if the kids shouldn' know what they speak.. Maybe the
come from Swabia.


It would be great if there exist some old photos from the region from
Solomka, Lubomirka, Berestowice and Kostopol, so I can imagine how they


I would be happy about every little peace you know.


Henning Bettich




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