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Sat Nov 13 09:04:04 PST 2010


Al Muth has done a lot of work in Dabie, but it appears that deaths are 
the last thing he works on- after marriages and births- and he appears 
not to have done them for the data you seek.

As you may know, there is some connection between Luise and Elisabeth 
that must have something to do with the short version of Elisabeth (if 
anyone on this list can explain this, I would be glad to see it).   With 
this in mind, please look at the latest Master Pedigree Database (MPD) 
that was just uploaded yesterday and look for Anna Elisabeth Nickel.   
You will not see any death data, but you will see that name connected to 
both Gottfried Zaretzke and Georg Makus, although we are not showing the 
two Anna Elisabeth Nickel as the same person at this point.

Gary Warner

On 11/13/2010 2:13 AM, Michael Stockhausen wrote:
> Has anyone extracted information from Dabie Lutheran, especially the death
> records from 1809 to 1830?
> I am searching for the death of a Gottfried ZERETZKE / CERECKI, born before
> 1790, married to Luise Nickel.
> His wife's death after 1832 would also be interesting.
> Or her second marraige (perhaps to a Georg Makus..., possibly before 1825).
> Thanks
> Michael
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