[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] A book that could be of Interest to this group.

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Sat Nov 13 13:52:59 PST 2010

As I am also researching relatives from the late 1800's from the Lida  
area,  I obtain postings from LidaRoots group on Yahoo.com.
           (my Lida  interest = names: Jakuc, &  Niewiera,   town: Nieciecz 
4km east of Lida)
I received the following posting from LidaRoots that could be of interest  
to others.
I know I am going to be buying this book, as so many of the German church  
records I get are in Russian script.

$35-40 ...  "In  Their Words:  A Genealogist's Translation Guide to Polish, 
German, Latin,  and  Russian Documents  -  Volume II:  Russian"  (2002)   
(ISBN 0-9631579-4-9) by Jonathan D. Shea and William F.  Hoffman. This is the 
single best how-to guide on working with Russian-language  genealogical 

Below are details about the book from  the authors' website 
This publication includes:
*   over 88 Russian-language documents and extracts from American and 
European   sources, analyzed and translated.  They include extracts from birth, 
death,  and marriage records of various formats; gazetteer entries; revision 
obituaries; population registers; military service records; passports and  
much  more.
*  sections on Russian grammar, phonetics and  spelling
*  information on how to locate records in America and  Europe
*  a chapter on gazetteers and how to use the, with ten (10) maps  showing  
Russia's changing borders and divisions.  There are also  Letter Writing 
Guides for Russian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian.
*  a  77-page vocabulary with over 4,000 entries featuring archaic terms 
and spellings  most likely to be found in records but rarely included in 
modern  dictionaries.
*  a 26- page list of over 700 Christian and Jewish given  names with 
equivalents in English, Latin, Lithuanian and Polish.

This  book is soft cover, perfect bound, with 496 bindery pages, 8.5" x 
11", weight 3  lb., 5 oz.

Can be ordered through Avotaynu, the Polish Art Center, the  Polish 
Genealogical Society of America.
Barbara Proko(powicz)
family roots  in Iszczolna, Szczuczyn, Wasiliszki, Ejszyszki, Bieniakonie, 
Radun and other  Lida area parishes

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