[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lithuanian Germans in Marijampole

Dr. Frank Stewner dr.stewner at t-online.de
Thu Apr 14 14:40:07 PDT 2011

My surname as well as that of my wife is included in the list of the
exulants from Salzburg.

The "Salzburger" (Lutherans) did go 1732 to East-Prussia (a few to the
Netherlands and Georgia, USA) but never to the Kingdom of Poland (Catholic!)
which included Lithuania at that time. The King of Prussia welcomed them.
Most of those settled in the area of Gumbinnen now Gusev. 

Three generations later in 1795 Marijampole in Lithuania became a part of
Prussia and that area was called "Neu-Ostpreussen/New East-Prussia". 

In 1806 Napoleon changed every border there and the Vienna Congress of 1815
finalized for up to 1918 the borders. The kingdom of Poland as well as
Lithuania become part of the Russian Empire.

All I know is that a Stefner (member of my family) was born in Marijampole
in 1810 and I presume that the family moved a little to the east from the
Gumbinnen area when that area became a part of Prussia. 

Later I find them in the parish of Przasnysz, 70 km N of Warsaw and in 1882
they moved to Volhynia.

Greetings from Hamburg

Frank Stewner and Barbara nee Weller


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