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You might be interested to know that "The Salzburger Expulsion Lists" book  
was published in English in 1999.  _www.pictonpress.com_ 
(http://www.pictonpress.com)   Edited by Lewis  Bunker Rohrbach.  773 pp including index  
Perhaps more  available on used book websites by now.   
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My grandparents lived in this area, Kovno,  Virbalis/Wirballen etc. My 
grandmother was baptized in Virbalis and  confirmed in Kovno. My 
grandfather and his parents were also members of  the church at Virbalis. 
They came to Wisconsin in 1903. My grandmother is  a descendant of the 
Salzburgers back to 1732.
There is no doubt that  there were many ethnic Germans in these areas 
including Mariampole. About  eight years ago I was lucky enough to meet a 
cousin who is the daughter of  my great grandfather. She lived in these 
areas until the 1950's when her  family came to Detroit where her 
grandparents were already residing. She  is a walking, talking history 
book and was a teacher of the German  language.
She went through church records page by page and it is very  tedious, but 
most of the records are there, at the LDS and can be ordered  for viewing 
on microfilm. I have to warn you that these records are in  more than one 
language: Lithuanian, German, French, Russian or Polish,  depending on 
who was in control at the time. It was then called East  Prussia. These 
Salzburgers left that area due to religious persecution as  they were 
Protestants. The Catholic bishop at that time ordered them out  if they 
did not revert to the Catholic church. Little did he know how many  
thousands would leave. At one point they were not allowed to take their  
children, the bishop making orphans out of them so they would be raised  
in the Catholic faith. Of course, we realize that 300 years ago things  
were different among the faiths.
I have found a wonderful website with  pictures, etc. about the 
Salzburgers. I will look it up and forward the  address to you.
One group went to East Prussia going first to Konisburg,  one group to 
Holland and another group to what is today Ebenezer, George.  You can do 
a search on Ebenezer and read about them. The descendants are  still very 
I was also fortunate enough to locate a distant  cousin who lives in 
Vilnius. Our name was Heidrich and married to Holl.  Today, in Lithuania, 
Heidrich is Geidrichus. The reason, there is no H in  the Russian alphabet.
I also have been in touch with the pastor of the  church at Virbalis for 
a few years. He is a most pleasant person but very  busy. I know he is 
the pastor to three churches and I think one of them is  Mariampole. I 
have a picture of the church at Virbalis which is just  beginning to be 
restored after the bombings of WWII. In fact I have  pictures of what it 
looked like before the remodeling started to be done.  They have been 
having services in the basement, with curtains on the wall  as part of 
the altar area - very poor.
I also have a book about the  Salzburgers which was very hard to locate 
and was only published in  Austria. My problem is that it is all written 
in German and I cannot read  it, but I want to have it in my family 
library. The pictures are  unique.
Sandie in Wisconsin

On 4/13/2011 8:39 PM, Alan  Schlosser wrote:
> Hello All,
> My questions have to do  with Germans who settled in what is now 
Lithuania, specifically around  Marijampole which was in the Sulwalki Governorate of 
Congress  Poland.
> I have seen a lot about the Vistula  Germans, Volga Germans, Baltic 
Germans and those that went to Volhynia but not  much about this area.  Can 
someone tell me more about the history of this  area?  Were there a lot of 
Germans?  Did they settle here in 1730's  because of Salzburg Expulsion or in the 
1760's due to Russian invite or was  there a continual immigration from East 
Prussia or other  areas?
> To be more specific I am currently back  to my gr-gr-grandfather August 
Schlosser (b: 1867) who was confirmed at the  Evangelical Lutheran church in 
Marijampole in 1881.  I am waiting to view  more LDS films to learn about 
his parents, August&  Pauline (Ulrich)  Schlosser and his possible 
grandparents Johann Friedrich&  Henriette  (Wallbat) Schlösser.  The family of August&  
Pauline left by  1891 and settled in Waterbury, CT.  Although I believe 
other family  members stayed in the area.
> Thanks for any  help,
> Alan Schlosser
> Buffalo, NY
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