[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] "Lithuanian Germans" in Marijampole, Congress Poland (now Lithuania)

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Thu Apr 14 19:48:41 PDT 2011

Re: "However, in a chart at the end of the book, based on a
counting of 1835, I can tally up only 2,012 Evangelicals in Suwalki
I cannot help wondering if this refers to the Evangelical parish of Suwalki?
>From Kneifel:
"Of the 3600 souls reported to be part of the Lutheran parish of Suwałki in
1867, 3000 were Polish and only 600 German, and church services were held in

On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 11:06 PM, Richard Benert <benovich at imt.net> wrote:

> Alan,
> There are smatterings of information about this area in Oskar Kossman, Die
> Deutschen in Polen.  It appears that Mariampol was founded about 1800,
> along
> with a dozen or so other colonies, by one Graf Lubienski, who named it
> after
> his daughter, Maria. This is about it for Mariampol.  He says only a little
> more about the Suwalki (Augustowo) Region as a whole.  Following Eduard
> Kneifel, Die Evangelisch-Augsburgischen Gemeinden, he says that a
> significant portion of the colonists in Suwalki  (and in Dambrowka in
> particular) were
> Evangelicals who came from Masuria as early as the 1790s. If you read
> German, and can find the Deutsche Monatshefte in Polen anywhere, he cites
> an
> article from Vol. 4 (1937), pp. 93-99, A. Pockrandt, "Auswanderung aus
> Ostpreussen nach dem heutigen Nordpolen." So you were right about the
> immigration from East Prussia.
> How many Germans were there in the region?  In 1810 there were about 20,000
> Evangelicals; in 1865, 25,000 Germans (note the change in categorizing
> them); in 1897, according, I suppose, to the Russian census of that year,
> 34,000 Germans.  (However, in a chart at the end of the book, based on a
> counting of 1835, I can tally up only 2,012 Evangelicals in Suwalki
> Province.  I'm not sure what to make of this, unless the 20,000 figure is
> way off base.) One other figure is given for the number of Germans in
> Wilkowischki, Mariampol, Wladyslawow and Suwalki Provinces during W.W. I:
> 17,123.  Some Germans in this area seem to have been deported; others not.
> But many may have also just fled the warfront.
> There must be other sources for info on this area, but I don't have it any
> at hand.
> Dick Benert

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