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Nearly all Germans were expelled from Eastern Europe after  WWII.
  EZA ( _http://ezab.de/_ (http://ezab.de/)  ) has many or most of the  
evangelical (Lutheran) church
  books of their churches.    
  With just the names of my grandfather and his brother and  approximate 
  years and towns they named at Ellis Island (which weren't their  birth 
 EZA found: His, his 10 siblings (most unknown to family), his  parents & 
 Birth records,  those records also named all his  grandparents.   They 
 in 3 days via email, and sent all papers within a week. All for  a very 
low fee.
 Other's have said it took longer for them, but they are a  source.
Good luck,
Bob Krampetz  
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Juliane  Schmidtke, born Feb 2, 1878 in Chelm, Province of Poland, Russia

Father  Heinrich Schmidtke, mother Justina Winkler

She married my grandfather  in Gretna, Manitoba, Canada on May 13, 1908.  At
that time she was a  widow called Juliane Fuhl (nee Schmidtke), and had a
daughter Emma born Aug  25, 1902.

The only other record I can find of her is the 1916 Manitoba,  Canada 
On this census it says she immigrated in 1907 as did her  daughter Emma.

I have exhausted all avenues in Canada and can find  nothing further about

I am looking for any information that may  be available on the German
Genealogy in Eastern Europe, so far my searches  have come up empty, and I 
at a loss as to how to go about  finding  any information.

Mhairi  Patterson

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