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The Polish acronym AGAD translates to The Central Archives of Historical
Records.  There is an English main page at
http://www.agad.archiwa.gov.pl/eng/index.html  The holdings are described
and searchable at Pradziad
Search for town wlodzimierz and religion ewangelicko-augsburskie to obtain a
list of holdings for Wladimir-Wolynsk Evangelical parish.  There you will
see marriage records of 1891-1899, 1907, 1915-1936, for example.  A search
for town rozyszcze will give holdings for Rozyszcze Evangelical parish.

LDS has filmed the Rozyszcze records from 1862 (the founding of the parish) 
to 1895 for marriages and deaths and to 1899 for baptisms.  And they filmed 
Wladimir-Wolynsk records for 1891 (the founding of the parish) to 1895.  In 
addition, the confirmation records for Rozyszcze, and some indexes for 
Wladimir-Wolynsk have been filmed.  The microfilm numbers are 2380017 to 
2380038.  A complete list is given at 

The reason that these Volhynia records are in a Polish archive is that this 
region was Polish territory between the world wars.


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