[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Seeking Info on Wilhelm Titchkosky

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Hello Gunther,
I have a William Titchkosky  
Birth 15 Sep 1873 in Poland 
Death 8 Jul 1942 in Morden, Manitoba, Canada 

married to Julianna Gust
Birth in Valenia, Poland 
Death 1909 
they had 6 children that I've found
William Jr, Martha, Robert, Edith Ida, Matilda and Teyfield (Ted)
For William I also have a 2nd wife Wilhelmina (Minnie) Massey
Birth 1893 in Poland 
Death 21 Jun 1966 in Morden, Manitoba, Canada 

to which 11-12 children were born Bertha, Edna, Edward, Ella possible Elsa, Frieda, Henry, Herman,
Eleanor, Reynold, Arnold and Rudolph.
I would have to find a quite time to sit down to see just how they got into my Bohn/Fenning family tree, but its more than likely thru a marriage somewhere. also if I'm not mistaken the book titled "Our 1-6 Hertiage" from the Morden, Manitoba area, was the means of my findings. Once I get back home to check my files, if there was a family story written, would you be interested in a copy sent to you?
some Titchkosky's can also be found on the Manitoba vitial statics web site for births/deaths/marriages


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> > There is no one with a wife's name similar to Weinoth. There is no question that Alexandrow is where most of the people with this surname lived. Several families but no exact matches.
> Hello Terry & Jerry,
> even in whole Germany there is no such name. Likewise there is no TITCHKOSKY. Both spellings seem to be of American 
> origin and to stand for WEINERTH [from middle high German winhart] and TYCZKOWSKI [from Polish tyczka = perch, stake, 
> rod, pole -> beanpole].
> Günther
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