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Joyce Guasch jguasch at fastmail.net
Thu Aug 18 11:33:20 PDT 2011

I also find those request annoying. 

I have two main email providers and between the two, I see very little if
any spam ever come to Outlook on my computer. Once a week or so, I log into
the webmail site to see if any suspects that were not filtered out and
allowed to be downloaded onto my computer are in my spam folder there. I may
find five or six a month. My main email provider, Fastmail, which you see in
my email address, filters so well, that I've never NOT had an email reach me
that should have, at least none that I know of. 

For those of you who are having unsatisfactory experiences with your email
providers, there are plenty around to shop for that do an excellent job of
filtering, you do not need to annoy your friends or like Jerry said, block
email from trusted sources to enjoy spam free email. 

Joyce Welke Guasch
Springfield, Oregon USA
Researching Welke, Gurke, Zimmerman,
Ratz, Pusch, Lentz, Jesse, of East Poland
Researching Lindley, Bailey, Wisbey of US, Ireland and England.
Researching Haner of US and Germany


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In the past month or so, the mailing list has been receiving an increasing
number of something called a "Challenge Response" from some of our
subscribers.  These are blocked but I have to deal with each one of them

"Challenge Response" is a spam filtering system that will block messages
from our distribution network.  A message comes back to me asking me to take
some form of action to allow messages to go through.  I do not have the time
to deal with such messages.  All "Challenge Response" messages are deleted
by me.

If you have any form of spam filtering in place, it is your responsibility
to set it to allow messages to flow through unhindered by your system.  If
you do not do so, you may find that you are not receiving some or all
messages from our mailing list.

Note that in many cases you do not need a personal spam filter.  Many
providers such as my Shaw provider filter spam before it ever gets
distributed.  An occasional one slips through but if I got more than one or
two a month I would think it was a lot (compared to dozens a week I used to
get without it).

If you have any comments or questions, please contact me personally and do
not respond through the mailing list.  However, I cannot offer any
recommendations regarding spam filtering nor can I answer any specific
technical questions about any particular systems you may have.

Jerry Frank
List Administrator

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