[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Anyone recognize this information?

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You are very correct.  This is an index to older records.  If you were an 
AHSGR member in 1997, you might have a copy of  "Clues" for that year.  On 
pp. 63-69 you'll find a short article I wrote about Dr. Johannes Hopf's 
activities in 1939-41, working first for the Deutsches Ausland Institut, 
looking for records of German migration into Poland (after the Nazi invasion 
of Poland), and afterwards for the Nazi effort to determine the "Germanness" 
of the Volksdeutsche being brought back into Poland from elsewhere in 
eastern Europe. He is the one who found these records of German applications 
for emigration to Russia,  Hungary, Persia, Bessarabia, Georgia, and 
Volhynia.  He sent extracts of the documents on index cards back to the DAI 
in Stuttgart. The "Erhalten    3.10.1940"  and "27.10.1941" refers to the 
date the DAI received them, I believe.

Unfortunately, neither the index cards nor the original documents in the 
Warsaw archives exist any longer.  The DAI can't find the cards, and the 
Warsaw archives has looked for the documents ("AA" refers to the original 
document file, "Alte Akten", I think) but can't find any of them. They were 
no doubt destroyed in the Nazi suppression of the Warsaw Uprising of August, 
1944. Over 1.6 million volumes of Earlier Acts were burned in an attack on 
the archives on Sept. 2, 1944. (See Adam Stebelski, "The Fate of Polish 
Archives    during World War II", pp. 50-51, which I think is in the SGGEE 
library.) I didn't know this at the time I wrote about Hopf, alas.

The sad upshot of   all this is that what you have is all there is.  If you 
think there are more Adams in these lists than you copied, send me the names 
and I'll look them up on the microfilm still in my possession.  I could also 
run off a copy of my article and send it to you, if you wish.

Sorry for the disappointing news...

Dick Benert

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> Hello all: A rainy weekend is a good excuse to dig through papers in the
> file. I have two page scans, which I made at the AHSGR conference last 
> year,
> that record what appears to be a list of Germans from Poland who emigrated
> to Russia. I only took scans of the pages with the surname Adam and, of
> course, can't find my notes as to their context.
> It appears to me that this may be an index to some older records. Does
> anyone recognize this information and can provide context?
> At the top it says:
> Erhalten: 3.10.1940
> Verzeichnis von Dr. Hopf (Krakau)
> ueber die Auswanderung (Weiterwanderung) aus dem ehem. "Koenigreich Polen"
> nach Russland.
> And the entry that caught my eye is:
> 1. Adam, Jakob, 1837, a.n. Wolhynien aus Gouv. Masowien mit Familie
> AA 7862
> S.193
> The second page scan I took is labeled:
> Erhalten: 27.10.41
> Verzeichnis von Dr. Hopf (Krakau) ueber die Auswanderung (Weiterwanderung)
> aus Polen (Herzogtum Warschau) nach Wolhynien
> Thanks to all.
> Edie Adam
> Fairfax, VA
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