[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Anyone recognize this information?

Edie Adam edieadam at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 09:53:47 PDT 2011

Thanks for all the information and solving the mystery of what I scanned.
But it is a disappointment to learn that what I see is what I get.

Dick, I'll reply privately to your kind offer.

Edie Adam

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 1:33 AM, Richard Benert <benovich at imt.net> wrote:

> Edie,
> You are very correct.  This is an index to older records.  If you were an
> AHSGR member in 1997, you might have a copy of  "Clues" for that year.  On
> pp. 63-69 you'll find a short article I wrote about Dr. Johannes Hopf's
> activities in 1939-41, working first for the Deutsches Ausland Institut,
> looking for records of German migration into Poland (after the Nazi invasion
> of Poland), and afterwards for the Nazi effort to determine the "Germanness"
> of the Volksdeutsche being brought back into Poland from elsewhere in
> eastern Europe. He is the one who found these records of German applications
> for emigration to Russia,  Hungary, Persia, Bessarabia, Georgia, and
> Volhynia.  He sent extracts of the documents on index cards back to the DAI
> in Stuttgart. The "Erhalten    3.10.1940"  and "27.10.1941" refers to the
> date the DAI received them, I believe.
> Unfortunately, neither the index cards nor the original documents in the
> Warsaw archives exist any longer.  The DAI can't find the cards, and the
> Warsaw archives has looked for the documents ("AA" refers to the original
> document file, "Alte Akten", I think) but can't find any of them. They were
> no doubt destroyed in the Nazi suppression of the Warsaw Uprising of August,
> 1944. Over 1.6 million volumes of Earlier Acts were burned in an attack on
> the archives on Sept. 2, 1944. (See Adam Stebelski, "The Fate of Polish
> Archives    during World War II", pp. 50-51, which I think is in the SGGEE
> library.) I didn't know this at the time I wrote about Hopf, alas.
> The sad upshot of   all this is that what you have is all there is.  If you
> think there are more Adams in these lists than you copied, send me the names
> and I'll look them up on the microfilm still in my possession.  I could also
> run off a copy of my article and send it to you, if you wish.
> Sorry for the disappointing news...
> Dick Benert
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> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Anyone recognize this information?
>   Hello all: A rainy weekend is a good excuse to dig through papers in the
>> file. I have two page scans, which I made at the AHSGR conference last
>> year,
>> that record what appears to be a list of Germans from Poland who emigrated
>> to Russia. I only took scans of the pages with the surname Adam and, of
>> course, can't find my notes as to their context.
>> It appears to me that this may be an index to some older records. Does
>> anyone recognize this information and can provide context?
>> At the top it says:
>> Erhalten: 3.10.1940
>> Verzeichnis von Dr. Hopf (Krakau)
>> ueber die Auswanderung (Weiterwanderung) aus dem ehem. "Koenigreich Polen"
>> nach Russland.
>> And the entry that caught my eye is:
>> 1. Adam, Jakob, 1837, a.n. Wolhynien aus Gouv. Masowien mit Familie
>> AA 7862
>> S.193
>> The second page scan I took is labeled:
>> Erhalten: 27.10.41
>> Verzeichnis von Dr. Hopf (Krakau) ueber die Auswanderung (Weiterwanderung)
>> aus Polen (Herzogtum Warschau) nach Wolhynien
>> Thanks to all.
>> Edie Adam
>> Fairfax, VA
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