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Earl.Schultz Earl.Schultz at telusplanet.net
Mon Dec 5 14:40:52 PST 2011

I would appreciate hearing directly at my email address from anyone on this
list who has done the 23andMe DNA test.  Several of my fellow
researchers/cousins have now done this test and we are actually finding out
some interesting things.  For example,

Because I can now compare results with known cousins, I can identify people
who are likely to be 4th, 5th or 6th cousins.  In one case the person whose
DNA compared highly with mine was also a SGGEE member which was a first for
me.  We identified two surnames in common and from the locations of these
surnames we have some ideas of where to look for records to move our lines
together.  It will take some time but the DNA test has pointed the way and
given me a new cousin.

For one of my cousins whose male lineage was uncertain because of an
illegitimate birth (no known father) and a much later marriage of the
mother, my cousin is showing a strong connection with others who have the
surname of the husband of the mother which is a good indication that the
mother married the real/biological father of the illegitimate child.  Lots
of excitement in those results.

For one person that I cannot connect to but know that we are cousins because
of 5 shared surnames from the same villages, we are getting some better
indications of where the closest connect is likely to lie.

DNA results only become valuable when you have enough people inputting to
make comparisons easier.  So if you have completed this DNA test, I would
like to see how closely you relate not only to me but to the other people
who have shared results with me.  It is at this level that it can start to
help us find our paper trail to prove our relationships.

If you have not yet taken the DNA test, you can get information at
www.23andMe.com and costs $99 plus, I think, $7/month for one year.  I am
more than happy to share my results with any other participant.


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