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Paul Rakow rakow at ifh.de
Wed Dec 7 09:10:14 PST 2011

  Hallo Frank!

       I think Martin Szydlowski was not the father - he was the Catholic
  Priest who baptised David (who was not Catholic). Check the other
  entries in the church book.

       The father's name at the end of line 3 has been crossed out -
  I think you can see that it starts with a J. There is a comment
  between line 3 and line 4 that I can't read.

     LLCC Accatholicae means the parents are married, and not Catholic.

     I'm not sure what the extra name at the end, - David Janke -
  means - it may be that it is saying that this child was called
  David Janke.

       Can you find any other examples of a baptism with a name at the
  end like this?

               Paul Rakow
               rakow at ifh.de

  Frank Janke <frank_janke at yahoo.de> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am wonder if anyone can explain the meaning of the end of this certificate from 1808 -
> there is written Rum. Srodonskie - David Janke.
> What can we say as to David Janke was he present as an adult?
> So far as i understand parents were Martin Szydlowski an Susanne Lochstett the boy received the name David.
> Godparents Valentin Bocht und Veronica K?plerin,?evidence took by?Adam Cypel und Marianne Paf.
> ?
> Any help would be apreciated
> F. Janke
> Greetings from Germany!
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