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Hi Mhairi,
It would help if we have a year they were married and what their ages were. 

Radom sits between Warsaw and Lublin. It is a larger city and has its own parish. The Lutheran church in Radom has records going back to the 1840s I believe but none of them have been microfilmed or digitized. Others in SGGEE have had success in getting records when requesting them in Radom. You may need a Polish translator.

Now if Julianna was really born in Chelm that is a different story. Chelm is east of Lublin near the border with the Ukraine. It is unlikely she was born in Chelm as few Germans lived in the county seat but more likely she was born in one of the German colonies around Chelm. If Julianna was born prior to 1873 then her record should be found in the Lublin database. The years 1873-1875 will be added on the next update.

By 1876 the parish of Kamien covered the eastern section of Lubelskie so those town reported there only to have the church burn down around World War I losing all records. 

Good luck in hunting for them.

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I have found out that Juliane Schmidtke and Gottfried Fuhl were both born in
Radom but there was no village listed on their marriage record.  Is there
any way I can research there?    Where is Radom?  

The only other clue I have for Juliane is that she listed her birth place as
Chelm, Province Poland, Russia on a death certificate for one of her

I have births and deaths of her siblings in Elisabetpol but cannot find
anything about her excepting her marriage.


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