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Dear Beatrix,
In the Lublin project we already have many births from Streczyn (or Neustreczyn = Streczyn Nowy) from1896-1898 in the database but no Rosentreters. Are you sure she was born there?

My mother's family lived in Neustreczyn. My great-grandfather was one of the first to move there when they started the town. If your great-grandparents were there as well they likely knew my great-grandparents. 

Since I review much of the extractions from the Lublin project I tend to play close attention to what happened in Neustreczyn but I must admit I don't remember Rosentreters living there or seeing the name Stoicke. Let's hope my memory is wrong, but at least I can't find them in the database yet.

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I am looking for information on my grandmother. 
Her name was Wanda Rosentreter born at Strenczyn in 1897. 
Her parents were Julius Rosentreter and Anna Stoike 
She married Gustav Ruttich (son of Gottlieb Ruttich and Kristine Draht)

The family moved out of the Lublin area before the 1920s. My grandparents were married in Garnsee. Does anyone know of any other Stoike's in the area? We have very limited information about this side of the family.

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