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Extractions of all Volhynian records are on our site.  Since they are subject to error, you should confirm all data from microfilms of originals.  A good place to start is the first section on this page http://www.sggee.org/research/PublicDatabases.html 

It seems you have some very accurate data already.  To find the full family of your Christian Weiss, use the birth link on the above page and search for Weiss as the surname with Stephan as the mother's surname.  You will find 8 children (a ninth is listed but it is a duplicate).  You can also find their marriage record in 1858.

You can do similar searches for your Neumann and related families.  

Note that your Anoufuka should be Antonufka or Antonowka or Antonuwka.

I found a Christian Weiss born in Paris, Bessarabia in 1837 but I do not see what evidence exists that indicates this is the same person as your ancestor.  Perhaps there is something in your family lore that proves this but it should be investigated further.  You see, Bessarabia is in modern day Moldova, not Germany.  Though not impossible, a northward migration from there to Volhynia would be highly unusual.  

Gustopole sounds like it might be a corruption of Kostopol.  This town was in Volhynia which was part of Poland between WW I and WW II.  There was an Antonuwka a short distance NE of Kostopol.


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> To anyone who can help 
> My Name is Clinton Ehlert and I am trying to find out 
> information on the Neumann And Weiss Families. My great 
> Grandfather Albert Weiss was born on August 24, 1891 in 
> Anoufuka, Volhynia, Russia   and came to Canada aboard 
> s.s Rheine and lande in Nova Scotia and there he  went to 
> Manitoba to work for the C.P.R.  railroad . 
>  A year or so later he moved to Lang , Saskatchewan and 
> Married Great Grandmother Matilda Schleger who is My 
> GreatGrandmother. They had Nine children including My 
> Grandmother Frieda Julianna Weiss 
> His parents were Gottlieb Weiss born July 24, !859 in Volhynia . 
> Gottlieb Weiss's parents were Christian Weiss and born april 19, 
> 1837 . I don't know but on ancestory .com I might have found his 
> ancestors and it leads to a Michael Weiss born 1640 but I am not 
> sure . I think Christian Weiss moved to Volhynia from Paris, 
> Bassaraba, Germany  and married Katherina Stephan . I would 
> also like the name of all Christian Katherina (Stephan) Weiss's 
> children plus the next generation of my greatGreat Grandfather 
> Gottlieb Weiss and Whilimina Neumanns children . they would be 
> my Great Grandfaters Albert Weiss's siblings.
> I am also looking to find out more about Whilimina Neumanns 
> family . I know her parents were Simeon Neumann and Juliane 
> ziesmann . 
> Any advice to help me find out further information about these 
> two families would be greatily appreciated . 
> I am also a member of your easter german geneolgy society and i 
> was wondering how do i email questions like this on the 
> forum  . Am also looking for aplace called Gustpole  , 
> Poland . where my great Grandmother Matilda Schleger came withe 
> her Mother emelia Girch Schleger and two sister Sarphina and 
> emelia Schleger and Her brother Reinhold Schleger . GHreat great 
> granmother Emelia Schleger Married jacob Lear and settled in 
> Sweet Grass < saskatchewan . if anyone knows the history Of 
> schleger or could tell me whert to look to find Matilda 
> (schlegers) Weiss fathers name would be  helpful. I would 
> also like to know if Gustpole, poland does still excist or 
> changed names .
> any information that anyone could give me would be greatily 
> appreciated
> Sincerily
> Clinton Ehlert 
> you can email me at
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