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I have 2 comments regarding your questions.

1.  Naming patterns of children can be helpful at times but I would NEVER use that as evidence for establishing a relationship.  Just when it appears that you have uncovered a naming pattern, the parents screw it up by doing something different.  It can help in giving some direction to research but it is not suitable for establishing a firm relationship.

2.  What evidence do you have that Friedrich T. and Julianna Saak are the parents of Johann?  I would point to the following:
- Johann T. marries Albertine Klohn in 1862
- so Johann is born 1844 or more probably earlier
- Friedrich T. and Julianne Saak have a child born as recently as 1870
It is certainly not impossible to have children 26 or 28 years apart but it would be very unusual.  

I haven't seen all your evidence but my opinion is that Friedrich T. and Julianna Saak are not the parents of Johann.


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>  Hello Everyone;
> I am a little confused here, I have a Johann Tiefenbach m. 
> Albertine Klohn.in my family tree, (they are the grandparents to 
> my father in law Wilhelm (Willi) Tiefenbach * 1925), Johann is 
> suppose to be the son to Friedrich Tiefenbach and Julianne Saak. 
> but for some reason I think I am on a wrong track, that I can 
> not find no birth record to Johann.
> I was looking at the children names and if I would go by the 
> list how the children were named back then, I have no Friedrich 
> in a child name or Johann
> 1st  - Heinrich Chritstoph * 1868 
> 2nd - August
> 3rd - Pauline Rosine
> 4th - Bertha
> 5th - Hulda
> 6th - Hermann Robert (in Odessa,he  is listed as Robert 
> Diefenbach, but was called Hermann, so Robert would be his 1st 
> name, or)
> 7th - Wilhelm Eduard
> These children names do not match up with the family Friedrich 
> Tiefenbach I have, now I am wondering if my search does go to 
> Pommern, Albertine Klohn came from Pommern and married Johann 
> 1862 in Shitomir, I also just noticed that there is a big break 
> between marriage having children, 1st child 1868
> The 2nd daughter is Berthe, this also does not match up with 
> Julianne Saak being the mother to Johann
> Also the 3rd son is named after the father, I have Hermann 
> Robert (Robert must be 1st name) so would his father have been 
> Robert Johann
> It is hard to believe that they would of not named there 
> children after the parents.
> Does anyone have a answer for me on this, is it possible that I 
> am on a wrong track
> Thank you
> Eveline Tiefenbach
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